Used CZ Pistols for Sale at VOS Gunshop

If you are looking to buy a used CZ pistol, visit us at VOS Gunshop. VOS Gunshop is a popular firearms dealer in the Vaal Triangle, offering a number of new and used guns for sale to our gun-enthusiasts in the area. If you are specifically looking to buy a used CZ pistol, we might just have the right firearm for you.

We understand that buying a brand new firearm is not always possible, or even the best option, which is why we also stock a wide selection of second hand firearms for sale. As a reputable gun shop, you can expect all of our used firearms to be in a good to excellent condition.

Get in touch with the trusted gun shop in the Vaal Triangle (Gauteng region) today to see our used CZ pistols available for sale.

Used CZ Pistols for Sale

Used CZ Pistols for Sale

Used CZ Pistols for Sale

Buying a used CZ pistol

Many new and old gun-owners opt for used firearms, instead of buying a brand new one. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that used guns are a lot cheaper than new ones. If budget is a deciding factor, then this might also be the best option for you. Why settle for an ‘okay’ model, when you can get an excellent gun that has been pre-owned instead? Rather get the model you desire, or you won’t be 100% satisfied with your purchase in the end…

Here are some pointer for buying used guns:

  • Take a good look: Inspect the used CZ pistol thoroughly, to check for any wear and tear, rust, cracks and more. All operational parts should work smoothly. Will any components need to be replaced?
  • Check the inside: Ask the consultant to fieldstrip the CZ for you, of possible and allowed. Check the barrel and other parts for chips cracks and other problems.
  • Ask to test shoot: During a test shoot, take note of the following aspects: The gun must fire when the trigger is pulled. Check that the action cycles. Does feeding and extraction functions occur reliably and effectively? Check the sights, safety and any other moving parts, ensuring that they work as intended.

You can expect honest and professional advice when purchasing a used CZ pistol for sale from VOS Gunshop, because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase.


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Used CZ Pistols for Sale

Let VOS Gunshop assist with your used CZ pistol purchase

Get the professional team at VOS Gunshop to assist with your used CZ firearm purchase. Our experienced team can also assist with your firearm motivation and license application and renewal. VOS Gunshop also boasts an indoor shooting range, so book your spot for some practice shooting today!

Contact VOS Gunshop to find out which used CZ pistols are for sale in store.