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If you are looking for a reputable gun shop in Gauteng, you are in the right place. VOS gun shop is a professional gun shop based in Vereeniging, Gauteng, offering a range of firearms including handguns, revolvers and rifles as well as ammunition and accessories.

VOS Gun Shop promotes safe and responsible shooting. We are a specialised gun shop in Gauteng, offering sporting guns, hunting rifles and self-defence firearms for applicable needs.

Visit us in Vereeniging for a first class services and professional firearm advice.

Gun shop Gauteng

Gun shop Gauteng

Gun shop Gauteng

Range of brands at competitive prices – Top gun shop in Gauteng

At VOS Gun Shop we aim to supply all sport and hunting enthusiasts with access to top brands at very competitive prices in Gauteng. Years of experience in the field enables us to offer the best advice to clients, so feel free to talk to us before purchasing your next handgun, revolver or rifle. Our range of products available at this gun shop in Gauteng includes:

  • Handguns and revolvers
  • Rifles and shotguns
  • Ammunition
  • Holsters and tactical gear
  • Knives
  • Optics and sights
  • Pellet, BB and airsoft guns
  • Reloading components
  • Used firearms

Whatever your needs, VOS Gun Shop offers a large range of firearms, ammunition and accessories to choose from. We offer top name brands at very competitive prices, and pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.

As a top gun shop in Gauteng, you can expect popular name brands as well as a wide selection when it comes to handguns, revolvers and rifles. This includes Colt, CZ, Glock, Smith & Wessen, Sig Sauer, Stoeger and more. View our complete list of handgun and revolver brands on our website, or contact us today for more information. If you are looking for a firearm for self-defence, we will gladly advise you on your best options when it comes to pistols and revolvers.

VOS Guns Shop, gun shop in Gauteng, also offers an extensive range of shotguns and rifles brands, consisting of Ruger, Taurus, Winchester, Benelli, Blaser, Fabarm, Howa and many more. See our full list of rifle / shotgun brands here.

Whether you are an avid hunter, sports shooter or in need of a firearm for self-defence reasons, VOS Gun Shop can assist.


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Gun shop Gauteng

Visit our gun shop in Gauteng for the firearm and accessories you need!

Contact VOS Gun Shop in Vereeniging, Gauteng, today if you require assistance with purchasing a firearm for your specific need. Come and see our wide selection of handguns, revolvers and rifles and talk to a professional consultant to answer all your questions.