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In addition to being a top firearms dealer / gun shop in Vereeniging, VOS Gun Shop also boasts an indoor shooting range, ideal for general practice should you need to brush up on any shooting techniques.

Contact VOS Gun Shop for more information, or to make use of this indoor shooting range in Vereeniging for your needs. We sell a comprehensive range of firearms and rifles as well as ammunition and many other accessories.

Shooting range information – VOS Gun Shop indoor shooting range in Vereeniging

There are many benefits offered by an indoor shooting range, of which the most important probably would be that the range is not dependent on the weather. You also don’t need to drive to an outdoor shooting range in a remote location, when there is an indoor shooting range located in Vereeniging for your benefit. Contact us today to book your firearm practice session in our indoor shooting range, or to get more information.

Indoor shooting range in Vereeniging

Indoor shooting range in Vereeniging

Indoor shooting range in Vereeniging

The importance of practicing with your gun at a shooting range

If you are a gun owner, then it is important that you practice with your firearm regularly. This is not only applicable for new gun owners, but should be undertaken by all gun owners on an ongoing basis. You need to become familiar with your specific gun and model, in such a way that it feels like second nature when operating it – especially if you are carrying your gun on you for protection. Should you be in a situation where your life is in danger and you need to use your firearm, you will be able to do so safely and efficiently without fumbling.

Regular visits to a shooting range will also give you the opportunity to practice safe usage of the firearm, as well as brushing up on the following to ensure you get acquainted with the procedures:

  • Reloading quickly and safely
  • Shooting quickly and accurately
  • Efficiently drawing from your holster
  • Shooting with one hand
  • Shooting multiple targets

When it comes to sports shooters, remember that practice makes perfect. There are many practicing methods, which include dry-fire methods, as well as live fire practice, such as shooting at an indoor shooting range in Vereeniging like VOS Gun Shop. Nothing will boost your confidence and perfect your skill more than regular live-fire practice. It is advised to shoot at least 50 rounds of ammunition during a practice round for a good practice session.

Contact VOS Gun Shop for more information about our indoor shooting range in Vereeniging, and how we can assist with your shooting practice needs.


Our Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor shooting range in Vereeniging