Used Handguns for Sale in South Africa at VOS Gunshop

If you want to buy a used handgun for self-defence or sport shooting purposes, let VOS Gunshop assist. You will find a selection of used handguns for sale to choose from at VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging. As a leading firearms dealer in South Africa, you can expect our used guns to be in excellent condition, and offered at competitive prices when dealing with VOS Gunshop.

VOS Gunshop’s aim is to enable and encourage sport shooters and hunters to shoot more , and more often. If you are a first time gun buyer, the team at VOS Gunshop is also able to assist you with your firearm motivation and firearm licence renewals or application. Contact the team at VOS Gun Shop today, or visit our store in Vereeniging for more information, and to browse through our used handguns for sale in South Africa.

Used Handguns for Sale in South Africa

Used Handguns for Sale in South Africa

Used Handguns for Sale in South Africa

Selection of used handguns for sale

Whether you are looking for a used pistol or revolver, VOS Gunshop offers a variety of used handguns to choose from, for sport / recreational shooting and self-defence purposes. If you do not have a specific firearm or brand in mind, your best option would be to talk to a professional consultant at VOS Gunshop about your needs.  Here are a few tips for choosing the best used handgun:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the gun is a main aspect to consider when selecting a used handgun. Whether it will be used for self-defence or sport shooting is a major determining factor when it comes to brand, model and calibre. With extensive experience in guns and modes, our consultants at VOS Gunshop will give you professional and honest advice when it comes to the selection of a handgun. We want our customers to be satisfied with their gun purchase, which is why we will help you to find the best gun for your requirements.
  • Comfortable: The gun owner should feel comfortable carrying the handgun, as well as firing it. We have an indoor shooting range for this purpose, where the prospective buyer can get a feel for the pistol or revolver they wish to purchase.
  • Handling: The owner should be able to effectively handle the gun, which is where size and calibre comes into play.


Our Indoor Shooting Range

Used Handguns for Sale in South Africa

Visit our store today to get the best used handgun for sale for your needs

Once you start shopping around, you might get an idea of what type and model handgun you desire. We invite you to visit VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging to see our wide selection of used handguns for sale in South Africa, and to get some advice about making your purchase. Browse through a few guns for sale on our website, or contact us today for more information about our used handguns.