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Do you need assistance with a firearm licence application or licence renewal? Let the professionals at VOS Gunshop assist. Before an individual may possess a firearm, a firearm licence needs to be obtained from the South African Police Service. This process can be quite daunting, as there are many requirements and documentation that goes into a sufficient firearm licence application.

VOS Gunshop in the Vaal Triangle will assist with your firearm licence application, as well as firearm licence renewals. Contact the leading gun shop in the Vaal for assistance regarding your licence application, firearm motivation and licence renewal.

firearm licence renewals vaal triangle

firearm licence renewals vaal triangle

firearm licence renewals vaal triangle

Firearm license renewal process

It is extremely important to remember that your firearm license renewal must be done 90 days before the expire date on the current license.

1. A training certificate from an accredited service provider is required upon the completion of the prescribed test, stating that you have sufficient knowledge of the Firearms Control A. Once the individual has received the certificate, he / she can apply for a competency certificate from the SAPS.
2. Documentation required for the license renewal application includes an official Identification Document, training certificate, competency certificate and the original firearm license. Four passport photographs(colour) are also required.
3. Forms to be completed include SAPS 517 (competence certificate) and SAPS 517e (license renewal).
4. A full set of fingerprints will be taken by the DFO, and a cash amount of R70.00 will need to be paid for the competency certificate, as well as R75.00 for each license renewal. The receipt you receive upon payment (Z263) needs to be submitted to the DFO for further processing.
5. Once the process is completed you will receive a signed receipt as proof of your license renewal application for the specific firearm.


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firearm licence renewals vaal triangle

Contact VOS Gunshop today for more information about our firearm license renewal services

For assistance and advice on firearm license applications, firearm motivations or firearm license renewals, contact VOS Gunshop in the Vaal Triangle today. Our friendly and professional team will advise where possible, to help you complete a successful license application.

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