Second Hand Guns for Sale in Gauteng at VOS Gunshop

If you are searching for second hand guns for sale in Gauteng, you are in the right place. VOS Gunshop is a leading gun shop in Gauteng, based in Vereeniging in the Vaal Triangle. You will find a variety of second hand guns to choose from when visiting our store, and you are welcome to ‘test drive’ any firearm before purchasing it.

Get access to top gun brands at very competitive prices at VOS Gunshop. Our team members are professional and experienced and will provide you with all the information and advice you need before purchasing a second hand gun for sale in Gauteng. Contact VOS Gunshop today to enquire about our range of new and used guns for sale, to get a firearm that meets your needs and your requirements.

Second hand guns for sale in gauteng

Second hand guns for sale in gauteng

Second hand guns for sale in gauteng

Selection of second hand guns for sale in Gauteng at VOS Gunshop

Whether you are looking for a specific brand or still considering your options, the team at VOS Gunshop can assist. We stock a wide selection of new and second hand guns for sale, all in a good or excellent condition and a great purchase. At VOS Gunshop we aim to encourage sport and recreational shooters and hunters to shoot more and more often. This is why we supply quality second hand guns for sale in Gauteng at very competitive prices. We also supply shooters with other products and services they require, which includes:

  • Ammunition: We stock a full range of ammunition, supplied at competitive industry prices. Enquire today about the ammunition your require.
  • Indoor shooting range: A great benefit of purchasing or visiting our gun shop is that we have our own indoor shooting range, which is ideal if you want to test a certain second hand fire arm before purchasing it. Our shooting range prices are very affordable, making it perfect for test shooting your reloads, competition practice shooting, recreational shooting and more.
  • Holsters and tactical gear: As a reputable gun shop in Gauteng, you will also find a selection of holsters and other tactical gear from leading name brands such as Sticky Holsters, Fobus Holsters and pouches and Army Ant Gear. Enquire today or see our range in-store.
  • Rifles and Shotguns: If you’re looking to purchase a rifle or shotgun, see our range available in-store today. Visit us for guidance and advice on purchasing a rifle or shotgun for your specific needs.
  • Firearm motivation and licence renewal: Let us help you to put together a comprehensive motivation for your firearm licence application – our team members are experienced in this department, and will do our best to ensure a successful application. We can also assist with your firearm licence renewals – contact us for assistance today.


Our Indoor Shooting Range

Second hand guns for sale in gauteng

Contact or visit VOS Gunshop about our second hand guns for sale

View our other products and services available on our website, or visit our store in Vereeniging today! Get the firearm you want, contact the leading supplier of new and second hand guns for sale in Gauteng today.