Used Guns for Sale in South Africa at VOS Gunshop

If you’re looking into buying a used gun for sale in South Africa, you might have a lot of reservations and questions. Many gun owners buy and sell used guns regularly, and there are a number of top gun makes and models available for second hand purchase. Not sure where to start? Contact VOS Gunshop today for more information about purchasing used guns for sale in South Africa, and to find out more about our second hand guns for sale in-store.

Read more below about where and how to buy a used gun, or talk to a knowledgeable consultant at VOS Gunshop today.

Used guns for sale in south africa

Used guns for sale in south africa

Used guns for sale in south africa

Buying a used gun – Tips and advice

There are a few factors to consider when buying used guns for sale in South Africa, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Follow the following tips and advice when purchasing a used gun:

  1. Do your research: Only purchase used guns when you know who you are buying from. If you are using an online platform, make sure to research the seller’s previous sales to establish his / her trustworthiness. Purchasing at a gun shop might be a safer alternative, as you will be able to inspect the gun personally.
  2. Deciding on the make and model: It makes it easier if you know exactly which model gun you would like to purchase. But if you are looking for a gun in a certain price range or size, you might feel overwhelmed with options. Make sure you research the gun make and model you are considering purchasing, especially if it is a foreign-manufactured model you are not familiar with.
  3. Ask what you want to know: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the specific gun, such as who the owner was, how often it was used and why they are selling it. A gun is a long term investment, so it is not unexpected that the buyer wants to know exactly what he is buying.
  4. Take a thorough look: If you have the option of inspecting the gun physically, do so! Look at the wear and tear, and determine whether the gun was customised etc.
  5. Know your prices: If you’ve done thorough research on used guns, you will have a good idea of the gun’s value. Don’t be overcharged due to a lack of research! At VOS Gunshop you can rely on competitive and cost-effective prices on our used guns range.


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Used guns for sale in south africa

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VOS Gunshop is a reputable gun shop in South Africa. Based centrally in Gauteng, we supply clients across the region with quality new and used guns for sale, at very competitive prices. Our knowledgeable team will advise you on your purchase, making sure that you purchase a gun that meets your needs and your expectations. Contact VOS Gunshop today for assistance to purchase a used gun.

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