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VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging specialises in firearms for sport shooting, self-defence and hunting rifles. If you are looking for a used handgun for sale in Gauteng, contact VOS Gunshop today to find out what we have available.

Our professional and experienced team at VOS Gunshop will assist, helping you to find the best firearm that fits your specific needs. You will also receive very competitive prices on our used and new firearms – view our current special prices on selected firearms. Visit the leading gun shop in Gauteng to see our range of firearms available for your specific needs.

Used handguns for sale in Gauteng

Used handguns for sale in Gauteng

Used handguns for sale in Gauteng

Buying a used handgun – Tips and information

There are different reasons why a person would choose to buy a used handgun instead of opting for a brand new firearm. Used handguns are priced much lower than new firearms, and is ideal if you only have a small budget to purchase a handgun. Another reason for choosing used over new can be because the model the person requires might no longer be in production.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a used handgun, make sure that you only buy from a reputable service provider. The team at VOS Gunshop will give you an honest opinion and advice on the handgun you desire, ensuring that you get the best for your specific needs. At VOS Gunshop we aim to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, which is why we will assist where possible.

About VOS Gunshop – firearms dealer in Gauteng for new and used guns

VOS Gunshop has established itself as a leading gun shop, making us a top choice if you are looking for new and used handguns for sale in Gauteng. Here’s what VOS Gunshop has to offer:

  • Range of firearms: We stock a wide range of firearms including pistols, revolversrifles and shot guns, supplying all the top name brands you would expect at a leading gun shop.
  • Indoor shooting range: VOS Gunshop also boasts an indoor shooting range for your general shooting practice needs.
  • Ammunition and accessories: We supply a range of ammunition and accessories – contact us today to find out if we have what you need.
  • Firearm motivation and licence renewals: The team at VOS Gunshop is also familiar with the process of obtaining a new firearm licence, as well as licence renewals.

Visit VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging today if you want to purchase a used handgun in Gauteng. Our friendly and professional team will assist you to find the best handgun that fits your budget and your needs.

Contact VOS Gun Shop for more information about our indoor shooting range in Vereeniging, and how we can assist with your shooting practice needs.

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Used handguns for sale in Gauteng