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If you are in search of an experienced and qualified service provider for firearm training in Vereeniging, contact VOS Gunshop today. We are a reputable firearms dealer in the Vaal Triangle, that also offers efficient and professional firearm training as per our clients’ needs. We possess the knowledge and qualifications to offer the best firearm training in town. If you are applying for your firearm licence, we can also assist with your firearm licence application, as well as your firearm motivation that needs to be included.

Contact VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging, Vaal Triangle, today for more information about our firearm training, indoor shooting range as well as range of firearms and ammunition for sale.

Firearm training Vaal Triangle

Firearm training Vaal Triangle

Firearm training Vaal Triangle

The benefits of firearm training with VOS Gunshop

If you are new to guns, and are considering getting a firearm for self-defence reasons, then it essential that you go for firearm training courses. You will need to obtain your firearm competency certificate before you are able to apply for a firearm licence, and firearm training is essential for this application. Firearm training is essential for the following reasons:

  • Firearm safety: When it comes to carrying and handling firearms, then safety is the number one priority. To ensure the safety of yourself, family members and people around you, you need to know the correct manner of storing and handling your firearm. Being reckless with a firearm can have devastating effects, causing the death of another individual. Firearm Training in the Vaal Triangle at VOS Gunshop will teach you all the necessary safety and handling procedures, and how to effectively use your firearm.
  • Assessing your situation: Should the day come that you need to use your firearm for self-defence, you could fumble and give your attacker an advantage. By completing firearm training courses like the course available from VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging, you will be more familiar and self-assured when handling your firearm.
  • Accurate shooting: A firearm training course will also teach you how to shoot more accurately. This will lessen the chances of you shooting an innocent bystander, which happens quite often.

Ultimately, you will learn how to safety handle, carry and store your firearm, which are essential aspects when applying for your firearm competency.


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Firearm training Vaal Triangle

Contact VOS Gunshop in Vereeniging about our firearm training courses

Contact us today or visit our store in Vereeniging (Vaal Triangle) – We will explain everything you need to know about our firearm training courses. Book your training course today and learn how to handle your firearm in a safe and efficient manner.

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