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If you are looking to buy a new firearm, visit VOS Gunshop in Gauteng. VOS Gunshop is a professional firearms dealer, offering a wide selection of firearms to choose from. We supply all popular firearm brands – whether you are looking for a new hunting rifle or need a handgun for self-defence, you will find a wide variety in our gun shop based in Vereeniging, Gauteng.

Contact VOS Gunshop today for more information about any of our firearms, or even better – visit our store in Vereeniging to see our selection of firearms available in Gauteng.

Firearm dealer in Gauteng

Firearm dealer in Gauteng

Firearm dealer in Gauteng

Tips for choosing your first handgun

New customers are often overwhelmed by choice and variety when deciding to purchase their first firearm. VOS Gunshop will assist you to select the best firearm for your shooting needs, and offer you honest and expert advice on your choice of firearm. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your first firearm:

  • Intended use: The intended use of your firearm is probably the most important factor to consider before purchasing your firearm. This includes firearms for self-defence, sports shooting, hunting and more. The intended use will determine the size and calibre of the firearm, ensuring that it fits your needs. You will also need to determine whether you are planning on carrying your firearm on you, and where it will be stored.
  • Budget: The next important aspect to consider is your budget. This will determine which firearms you can afford that fits your needs as well. As experienced firearm dealers in Gauteng, VOS Gunshop will be able to advise you on the best choice of firearms that fits into your budget as well as your needs.
  • New vs. used firearm: The choice between new and used firearms is usually a personal preference. The budget could also affect whether you decide to purchase a new or used firearm. Purchasing a used firearm could lower the price immensely, enabling you to buy a top of the range firearm at a much reduced price. Talk to the trusted firearm dealers in Gauteng about our new and used firearms available.
  • Comfortable feel: The ultimate test is whether you feel comfortable when holding and shooting with the firearm. It is essential that a shooter can comfortably handle the firearm for efficient shooting.


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Firearm dealer in Gauteng

Contact the leading firearm dealer in Gauteng – VOS Gunshop

VOS Gunshop will gladly assist with your firearm needs. Our expert advice and wide range of products will ensure that you purchase the best firearm for your requirements. Talk to a firearm dealer at VOS Gunshop today for more information and pricing.