Selection of Second Hand Revolvers for Sale at VOS Gunshop

If you are looking into buying a second hand revolver for sale in South Africa, you will find what you need at VOS Gunshop. As a leading firearm dealer in South Africa, VOS Gunshop supplies a wide range of both new and used guns for sale to choose from. You will thus find a used / second had revolver for sale that meets your needs and that is in a good condition.

VOS Gunshop is located in Vereeniging, Gauteng, easily accessible for clients from the Gauteng region. Contact our store today to find out what we have in stock in terms of second hand revolvers, and other hand guns.

Second hand revolvers for sale South Africa

Second hand revolvers for sale South Africa

Second hand revolvers for sale South Africa

Tips for buying a handgun

There are many factors to consider when buying a second hand revolver or other handgun. Take a look at the following aspects to ensure you get the best handgun for your needs:

  • Gun law and competency: The first step to owning a gun is to learn the gun law of South Africa, and to obtain a Competency Certificate through a registered body.
  • Purpose: The reason you are buying a second hand revolver or other handgun will mainly be determined by the intended purpose. Will you be purchasing a handgun for self defence, or sport shooting. Talk to a professional about the reasons why you are buying a handgun, to make sure you get a firearm that meets your needs.
  • Determine your budget: A big reason why prospective gun owners opt to buy used or second hand guns, is because new guns are way more expensive. Determine the budget you have available to purchase a firearm, and talk to a professional firearm dealer at VOS Gunshop about your best options.
  • Ammunition: Decide which ammunition you will be using – get some advice from a professional, and read up on the different options. Will you be reloading ammunition yourself, purchasing the best ammunition in store, or opting for factory reloads? Remember that not all guns accept ammunition equally, which is an extremely important factor to consider.
  • Size, calibre and comfort: The size and calibre of the gun is important, as you need to be comfortable carrying, handling and operating the firearm. The best would be to try before you buy the second hand revolver you are considering.
  • Training: Some firearm training is highly recommended, especially for new gun owners.
  • Visit a shooting range often: If you are a gun owner, it is recommended that you visit a shooting range on a regular basis. This will ensure that you get to know you gun, and that you are not out of practice. The more you handle your gun, the more comfortable you will feel.


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Second hand revolvers for sale South Africa

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