New and Used Shotguns for Sale at VOS Gunshop

If you are looking for new or used shotguns for sale in Gauteng, VOS Gunshop is the gun shop for you. VOS Gunshop offers a range of new and used firearms for sale, including a variety of shotguns to choose from. Get the best shotgun for your needs at the leading firearm dealer in the Vaal Triangle – you can expect a professional service, a selection of firearms and competitive prices.

Let a professional consultant at VOS Gunshop in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng, assist you to purchase a shotgun that meets your needs, budget and expectations. Contact VOS Gunshop today, or visit our store in Vereeniging.

New & used shotguns for sale

New & used shotguns for sale

New & used shotguns for sale

Shotgun motivations and licences

If you are unsure about how to go about obtaining a licence for your shotgun, VOS Gunshop will provide you with sound advice and assistance to obtain your firearm licence. A shotgun can be licensed under the following categories, which depend on the intended purpose of the buyer:

  • Section 13 licence – Self-defence
  • Section 15 licence – Occasional hunting
  • Section 15 licence – Occasional sports-shooting
  • Section 16 licence – Dedicated hunting and/or sports-shooting

Read more about how to apply for a firearm licence, or speak to a consultant at VOS Gunshop for all the information you need.

Selection of new and used shotguns and other firearms for sale in Gauteng

Whether you are looking for a specific firearm, or still weighing your options, let VOS Gunshop assist. Browse through some of our new and used shotguns and other firearms for sale on our website, or visit our store to see our selection. We stock and sell various brands of firearm, and can also provide you with advice and information regarding the firearm brands and models.

VOS Gunshop also stocks a variety of other products, including Ammunition, Holsters and Tactical Gear, Optics and Sights, Knives, Reloading kits, Pellet / BB / Airsoft guns and more.  You can also make use of VOS Gunshop’s indoor shooting range for ammunition testing, practice shooting and general practice of firearm handling. We always encourage our customers to shoot more, and more often to ensure that they are comfortable when sing their firearm, regardless of the purpose. It is especially important to shoot often when purchasing a firearm for self-defence, to ensure the user is confident and competent when it comes to handling the firearm.


Our Indoor Shooting Range

New & used shotguns for sale

Contact VOS Gunshop today

Contact the leading gun shop in the Vaal Triangle to assist you to find the best shotgun for your needs. Our experienced team will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best firearm for the intended purpose and budget.

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