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VOS Gunshop is a trusted firearms dealer in the Vaal Triangle, also offering an indoor shooting range for our clients. If you are searching for an indoor shooting range in the Vaal for your general shooting practice needs, visit our shooting range in Vereeniging today.

Contact VOS Gunshop for more information about any of our firearms and accessories, or to make use of this indoor shooting range in Vereeniging for your needs. We will also offer expert advice and guidance regarding your firearm purchase, should you need information about a specific firearm or ammunition. We sell a wide range of firearms and rifles, including all the popular brands, as well as ammunition and many other accessories.

Visit our indoor shooting range in Vereeniging – VOS Gunshop

Our indoor shooting range is very convenient for clients in the Vaal Triangle, offering a suitable venue for a quick shooting session. Our indoor shooting range is not dependant on the weather, and is conveniently located in Vereeniging, easily accessible to customers across the Vaal Triangle. Contact us today to book our indoor shooting range for your general shooting practice needs, or to get more information about our shooting range.

Our Indoor Shooting Range

The importance of practicing with your gun at a shooting range

Whether you are preparing for a competition, or simply require some recreation time, our shooting range in the Vaal Triangle is ideal for you. Many firearm owners will agree that shooting is an ideal activity for stress-relief. Here’s why you should visit a shooting range regularly if you are gun-owner:

  • Get to know your firearm: You need to become familiar with your specific gun and model, in such a way that it feels like second nature when operating it – especially if you are carrying your gun on you for protection. Should you be in a situation where your life is in danger and you need to use your firearm, you will be able to do so safely and efficiently without fumbling.


  • Target practice and focus: Your focus directly affects your shooting. When focussing on a target, you need to clear your mind of all other thoughts. Regular practice will teach you to focus more effectively, improving your shooting abilities.
  • Arm strength: Shooting a gun requires strong, sturdy arms and hands; in order to aim and shoot your target you must keep your hands and arms steady. Regular practice will help in this regard.

You will also be able to brush op your technique, regarding the following:

  • Reloading quickly and safely
  • Shooting quickly and accurately
  • Efficiently drawing from your holster
  • Shooting with one hand
  • Shooting multiple targets

Contact VOS Gunshop – Indoor shooting range and firearm dealer in the Vaal Triangle

Book our indoor shooting range in the Vaal Triangle for all your shooting practice needs. Contact us today for booking information, or visit our gun shop today.

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